About Rivalwatch

The Most Reliable Business Insights

Rivalwatch’s advanced real-time search technology and analytical tools provides business intelligence solutions for managing the complexity of optimizing and managing pricing and revenue on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you need to execute one search against thousands of sites, or thousands of searches against a single site, Rivalwatch′s anonymized search network and patented WebQL query language ensure that you get the data you need. No other competitive search company offers the depth and breadth of coverage that Rivalwatch offers.

Rivalwatch delivers real-time data from thousands of sources, giving you the most complete and up to date picture of your market possible. This higher quality data helps you make more informed decisions and increases the value of your revenue management, decision support, or business intelligence investment.

The market place changes rapidly, that is why Rivalwatch keeps adding data sources and collecting data that would fit your needs. With more and more industries recognizing the value of up to date, real-time, comprehensive data we are continually broadening our reach to serve your needs in whichever industry you are in.

If it’s on the web, you’ll find it with Rivalwatch.