Petrol Analytics

Managing Volatility

Over the past year, in areas with high fuel price volatility, single fuel service station price changes tripled. Today, any given station is likely to change prices between six and eight times to adjust to market conditions. Pricing departments, dealing with flat overhead costs, need to find new ways of tracking prices in this turbulent market. Having quality real-time information to reassess pricing strategies and to execute operational day to day pricing has never been as important as today for pricing experts that need to meet volume as well as margin targets.

In the hyper competitive petrol markets, a single euro can mean the difference between staying true to your marketing promises and leaving money on the table.

Rivalwatch’s Data Access for Petrol gets us the competitive intelligence we need to make price changes with confidence and speed.


Rivalwatch products and services provide the solution to deliver real-time information from different sources in order to meet the challenges in fuel retailing. Whether it is a full set of competitor prices from the Internet or a mobile app for capturing competitor prices in a field trip, – our solution guarantees the best and most comprehensive set of data is reported and presented in a way that will drive informed decisions for your business. An extensive set of business intelligence reports ensures recognition of the latest changes and trends on the market, as well as, changes within a single service station micro market without having to spend hours on data gathering and reporting. Staying up to date on the market is as easy as ever before.

Products Petrol Analytics

Mitigate Industry Volatility

Globally the petroleum industry varies greatly on methods to effectively implement regional pricing strategies while also catering to government regulations. At Rivalwatch we utilize available assets to best provide the information your team needs.

Business Insights

With the colossal amount of data collected, Rivalwatch handles the difficult work of normalizing and processing those records. The Business Insights platform gives your team the ability to review pricing across geographies or to drill deeply into a location, by cities, districts or even blocks.

Track and Collect

We have a full suit of industry-lead reporting tools and options; however, if your team is looking for a unique type of data or specific representation of that information, we can create custom reports tailored with your goals and objectives in mind.

Mobile Observer

Rivalwatch’s mobile technology enables your team to track and evaluate regional pricing; with patented Automatic Price Recognition technology, field data is easily collected, managed and processed—from the hands of your field-team to your management and strategic pricing team.

Mobile Observer