Retail Analytics

Pricing and Strategic Insights

Rivalwatch places timely, actionable and manageable data directly into the hands of every marketer, merchandiser and competitive intelligence professional — on demand.

Forget about cost-prohibitive market research, major IT investments and analyst teams. Rivalwatch is a lean and flexible web based service that operates in real-time, ultimately allowing the practical professional to take action sooner and market smarter.

Trusted by some of the most recognizable names in retail and consumer products, Rivalwatch provides tailored industry-specific solutions for:

  • Automotive Parts and Tires
  • Home Improvement Goods
  • Consumer Electronics

Rivalwatch provides a well-rounded view of the market — including your competitors’ marketing mix — from the customer’s perspective.

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Effective merchandising requires a full view of the competitive marketplace, but my daily life doesn’t allow me the time to do this effectively.

Rivalwatch places timely, actionable data into my hands real-time, allowing me to react quickly to changes in the market

Merchandising Manager & RivalWatch Customer

Custom Reports and Data Extractions

We have a full suit of industry-lead reporting tools and options; however, if your team is looking for a unique type of data or specific representation of that information, we can create custom reports tailored with your goals and objectives in mind.

Business Intelligence Offering Actionable Data

Rivalwatch’s full suite of analytics and reports make insights available and strategies more clear. From easy-to-use dashboards to customizable reports, Big Data becomes both simpler and more powerful.

Automatic and Efficient Product Matching

Matching compares and analyzes competitive product data to accurately identify exact and similar matches. Through a combination of Rivalwatch’s algorithmic and easy-to-use matching engine, relational product matches get better over time.

Target and Track Competitors in Real-Time

Evaluate your pricing and assortments in real-time against the overall market to reveal actionable pricing and product mix adjustments. Rivalwatch’s price-data is guaranteed to be the most accurate and dependable, with the fastest and most flexible set up times.